The BMMP #BuyCott

The Black Money Matters Project #BuyCott was created as a reminder for us to spend our money with our businesses intentionally during some of the more important economic times of the year. Here are some fast facts:


Q. Why is it called a #BuyCott instead of a boycott?

A. Our philosophy dictates that we focus our energy, intention, and spending power on what we want to see more of and not in the direction of things we don’t want to see more of. We want to see more time, money, and attention focused on our communities and our businesses because these are things well within the scope of our immediate control. 


Q. When does the BuyCott start and when does it end? 

A. The initial #BuyCott starts October 1st and lasts through April 30th. We chose that time frame for the #BuyCott because it incorporates the major holiday season. A lot of the significant spending opportunities happen during that time – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the tax refund season.


Q. You mentioned an initial #BuyCott. Is there more than one?

A. The second phase of the #BuyCott starts May 1st and lasts through September 30th. 


Q. Does that mean that the #BuyCott lasts all year long.

A. It does!


Q. What do I do if I want to participate in the #BuyCott? 

A. Buy black. Support black-owned business first. Support black-owned business regularly. Refer your friends and family to black-owned business. Consider finding a black-owned business for things that you want and need. Research the importance of economic independence and interdependence in communities. Tell others to participate in the #BuyCott. Share your experiences while buying black with others. Share any challenges you experience with the business owner so that the opportunity to improve business is maximized. Share this message. 


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