When Unique Is What You Seek – Blavity’s Gift Giving Guide

The family over at Blavity definitely did us a solid. They put together a great list of Black-owned businesses to support. The list categories range from items we all know and love (snazzy tees) to Black-owned business gifts we didn’t even realize we could give (television entertainment subscriptions). There’s definitely something for everyone on this list. It’s a great resource when you’re looking to give your loved ones something unique. 

Ever Wonder WHY We Crave Success?

Success. The desire for it can be the ultimate motivation for some. Have you ever thought about WHY you want to be successful. You answer might be something deep or seem pretty obvious on the surface. Here’s an article that gives deeper perspective and insight about the curious thing we call success. Read more and see if your reasons for wanting success match any on this list of four.

What documents should you review before December 31st?

As business owners, we spend a lot of time thinking ahead. We spend time thinking about planning, our next quarters, and annual projections. Here are some great tips on what you can do to make sure you close our 2016 (and each end of the year) strong and start 2017 on the right foot. We all know documentation is everything! 

How 5 Stages of Grieving Applies To Business

It’s hard to imagine that the 5 stages of grief could also apply to business process. That’s not something that you immediately draw a connection with when you think of grieving. But it can and it does. (I have experienced them recently with the relaunch of the website!). Find out if you can relate here and learn why you’ll be o.k. even after the biggest mistakes!