Five Podcasts that Pack an Info Power Punch!

Podcasts have grown very steadily in popularity. With the decline of traditional radio and the increase in the availability of information sharing, the growth makes sense. Sifting through the hundreds of thousands of podcast programming can be daunting. Fortunately for us all, Empire Life put together a pretty good list of black businesswomen who host podcasts that are packed with useful information.

We thank them. 

Six Tips on Living Out Your Dreams

You have a great idea or develop a super cool product or service for a business. Maybe you’ve figured out a better way to do something that’s already being done. You’ve talked to your closest friends or threw the idea out on social media and got some good feedback. What are your next steps? While we know that business is an art and not a science, there are some parameters to at least consider before you leap. Here are 6 tips on how to finance your entrepreneurial dreams.